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We develop all kinds of projects related to the hydrological, maritime and fluvial area, meeting each and every one of our clients' needs, based on all regulatory aspects and applicable laws. We have highly trained personnel in the field of water, as well as measurement equipment and specialized software for the calculation and modeling of rivers and oceans.

We have extensive experience in:

• Desilting.
• River control works.
• River protection works.
• Erosion, transport and sedimentation.
• Surface runoff.
• Water resources.
• Measurement of currents with Doppler equipment.
• Physical and mathematical models.
• Rainfall modeling.
• Recognition of basins.

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• Recursos hídricos.
• Aforos de corrientes con equipos Doppler.
• Modelos físicos y matemáticos.
• Modelación de lluvias.
• Reconocimientos de cuencas.

Contamos con amplia experiencia en:

• Desazolve.
• Obras control de ríos.
• Obras de protección en ríos.
• Erosión, transporte y sedimentación.

• Escurrimiento superficial.


Image by Gabor Koszegi
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